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Like the other Small Island Developing States (SIDS), Saint Lucia is highly prone to devastating natural disasters. Its vulnerability can be attributed to (a) its small geographical area – as a result of its size disasters usually take country‐wide proportions; (b) its location in some of the highest risk areas of the planet, such as mid‐ocean ridges with strong volcanic and seismic activity, tropical cyclone belts, and direct exposure to the forces of the oceans; and (c) the fact that it is dependent on a few sources of income, primarily in the agricultural and tourism sectors, for a substantial part of its gross national product (GNP).  During the past, these sources of income have been severely reduced for months by a single catastrophic event.

The onset of climate change poses another major threat to Saint Lucia’s development and will impact every major economic sector and social group. Increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather and climate events, such as heavy rainfall, strong winds, drought and high sea temperatures and levels, are already occurring. These and other events, emanating primarily from emissions of “greenhouse gases” (GHGs) into the atmosphere, as a result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, have claimed lives, caused severe damage to infrastructure and other economic assets, and caused adverse effects on livelihoods. Importantly, these changes and their adverse consequences are projected to escalate in the near and longer terms.  Moreover, the current level of funding for responding to climate change is inadequate.

Confronting and successfully adapting to the various challenges posed by climate change will therefore require significant new, adequate and sustained financing.  It is against this background, that Saint Lucia is implementing the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP).  Informed by recommendations from various private sector and civil society consultations, the Government of Saint Lucia – in partnership with the World Bank – has created a funding mechanism within the Saint Lucia Development Bank (SLDB) to offer climate change adaptation loans through the Climate Adaptation Finance Facility (CAFF), which are (a) affordable, (b) equitable across socio-economic and gendered lines and (c) which will provide incentives for pre-emptive vulnerability reduction.  The CAFF will provide readily accessible loans to firms, community groups and households for investments and/or livelihood activities that support climate adaptation or disaster vulnerability reduction.

About the Competition

In anticipation of the upcoming launch of the Climate Adaptation Financing Facility (CAFF), the Saint Lucia Development Bank is inviting all interested persons (students, professionals, companies etc.) to design a logo that will serve as the visual identity of the new loan facility.  The logo should be creative, innovative and professional and should reflect SLDB’s mandate of “Affording Opportunity for All” and the aim of the CAFF to enable access to funds to better secure households and businesses from the impact of natural disasters.

The designer of the selected logo will receive a prize of $500 and public acknowledgement at the official launch of the CAFF.

For more information, please read below.

How to Enter the Competition

The competition begins on Friday, February 10, 2017 and runs until Friday, 24th February 2017 at 5:00 pm.  All entries must be:

  • Submitted to (
  • Submitted as a high resolution pdf.

Designs submitted after this date and time will not be considered.

The deadline for submission of all entries is Friday, 24th February 2017 at 5:00 pm.

Logo Requirements

  • Professional: This logo will be featured on promotional materials (brochures, t-shirts, stationery) and on SLDB’s website.  As a result, it should be both creative and legible.
  • Message: The logo should consider the goal of the Climate Adaptation Financing Facility to provide access to funding to secure homes and businesses against disasters such as hurricanes, strong winds, floods, fire, earthquakes.  It should also consider SLDB’s mandate of “Affording Opportunity for All.”
  •  Color & Layout: The logo should incorporate SLDB’s color scheme (cerulean blue and lime green ).  This is preferred but not required – also consider incorporating SLDB’s logo into the design so that one logo can be used on promotional materials.
  •  Note that logo must look good in both color and black & white.
  • Integrity:  Logos cannot contain copyrighted material.  Logos must have been fully created by the contestant(s).  Logos must be easily replicated  and scalable for large and small formatting.
  • Incorporate SLDB’s color scheme (cerulean blue and lime green)
  • Consider incorporating SLDB’s logo so there’s no need to include two separate logos on promotional materials

 Competition Details

The winning entry will be selected by a panel of judges from the Saint Lucia Development Bank and the Sustainable Development Department.  Contestants agree that their logo and names(s) will be published and used for marketing/advertising materials. All ownership rights and intellectual property rights will be assigned to the Saint Lucia Development Bank upon submission of the logo.  In addition, the Saint Lucia Development Bank may modify the logo as necessary to fit its branding guidelines and needs.  The Bank reserves the right to not select a winner if, in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.


The winner will receive a monetary prize of EC $500 and public acknowledgement during the official launch of the CAFF.

For additional information on the Saint Lucia Development Bank and the CAFF Logo Competition , visit our office at # 4 Bridge Street, Castries or Website:

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